Olympic Equipment, is an Authorized Dealer for American Balers, IPS Balers and Harris Balers. We supply baling wire and other baling equipment to the waste and recycling industry. Our line of products include Horizontal Baler, Vertical Baler, Two Ram Balers, Auto Tie Balers.

Service available in: United States, Hawaii, Mexico, Canada
Each of these regions has Certified service repair professionals to assist with baler repair and scheduled maintenance.

Turbo Separator Food Depackaging System

    We would like to introduce our new product line. Scott Equipment Turbo Separator Food Depackaging System. This system break apart the cans, bags, etc and the organics are col-lected below while the waste packaging is segregated and conveyed up the waste packaging conveyor to a bin. The packaging can be sent to recycling, incineration or waste. Made in the USA-Built To Last!

    The Turbo Separator system is simple in design, efficient to use and operate. Extremely effective at depackaging food waste, it can process a wide variety of dry, wet, and every substance in between. It is built with either carbon or stainless steel for the toughest of applications. From a maintenance standpoint, every area of the food waste depackaging equipment is accessible to inspect, adjust, and clean when necessary. It is one of the most rugged systems in the marketplace today known for it’s high up time which is critical when your waste materials keep showing up by the truckload.




  • Two Ram Balers: Olympic offers the IPS Two Ram Baler. This baler is ideal for baling a wide variety of recyclable materials such as cardboard, newspaper, all plastics and aluminum/steel cans. We also offer a super heavy duty metals option which bales all non-ferrous metals. Heavier bale weights, high thru-puts, durable construction and innovative design features make these two ram balers simply the best.
  • Horizontal Balers: Several models of Closed Door balers are available. Conveyor fed balers offer high production with minimal handling at an economical price.
    They offer great features with the ability to switch materials without contamination with quick bale tie off and removal. These balers can bale non-ferrous scrap as well.
  • Auto Tie Balers: Olympic offers the largest selection of open-end auto-tie balers from American Balers. Whether your requirements call for 10 bales per day or 500 bales per day.
  • Vertical Balers: Olympic has a complete line of vertical balers in a variety of bale sizes to suit your recycling needs. These balers can create bales of cardboard, paper, plastic / film, non-ferrous metals, rags, cans and many other recyclable materials.
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Baling Wire

    • Bale Ties Features:
      • Protective Galvanized coating
      • Available in gauges 11, 12, 13 or 14
      • Lengths range from 12 to 22 feet
      • Sold in Bundles of 125 or 250
      • 100% guaranteed100 pounds per box

      We also supply baling equipment. CALL 949-646-9731 for more details.


Authorized Dealers For

  • American Baler
  • Harris
  • IPS Balers
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Centurion 150 - 13-9 048
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Service & Repair

Be it’s Horizontal baler, PTR baler, Excel baler, Balemaster baler or any other baler series, our Service repair branch is available 24 hours a day to assist your company with service related issues as well as preventive maintenance and safety checks. Each service technician is factory trained and certified. Whether your emergency occurs during normal hours or during a holiday weekend, we have technicians available that can service and support your equipment. Call 949-646-9731 for a appointment.

Latest News

Olympic Wire & Equipment installs a Harris/IPS two-ram baler to help rePlanet keep California’s beverage containers in the recycling loop.The company has achieved throughputs of up to 11 tons per hour on its Harris/IPS and Olympic Wire system. California has a deposit and redemption system designed to ensure its plastic and aluminum beverage contain ers are placed into the recycling loop rather than being landfilled. Among the companies helping Californians recycle those bottles and cans is rePlanet, which has recently received a productivity assist from Harris/IPS Balers.
At its Rancho Cucamonga, California, recycling center,
rePlanet has been using a Harris/IPS two-ram baler in a
system installed and maintained by Olympic Wire and
Equipment to compress the steady stream of aluminum
cans and PET and HDPE bottles that flow into the facility.
The containers arrive from throughout Southern California, where rePlanet says it has built the largest recycling collection network in the country and partnered with every major grocery chain to make sure a recycling location is always nearby. Read More.

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Olympic Wire and Equipment attending the American Baler Service Technician School in Bellevue, Ohio. Olympic now has six (6) technicians certified. Congratulations is in order!

The American Baler Service Certification Program is designed to raise the bar of quality in the scrap baling industry and to distinguish the dealer technicians that provide superior repair and troubleshooting service. This specialized certification has requirements in the following three (3) main categories:

General Overview: Baler controls, operations and safety/lockout-tagout procedures.
Mechanical: Baling ram, inserter adjustments and wire twister assembly adjustments.
Electrical: PLC Programing, bale length, switches and schematic troubleshooting.
Hydraulic: Pressure setting, cylinder, pumps, relief valve and schematic troubleshooting.

These are just a few of the requirements that have been carefully selected to enable a well-trained technician at Olympic Equipment to solve maintenance problems for all customers. A substantial portion of the training school included hands on learning where the Olympic technicians had the opportunity to calibrate best bale integrity, learn optimal preventative maintenance practices and troubleshoot common failures all while walking through a procedural process of identifying and solving the faults, especially in the areas of electrical and hydraulics.

Olympic Wire and Equipment technicians also hold certifications from:
Harris Balers
IPS Balers
Balemaster Balers
JV Manufacturing (Cram-A-Lot).

Baler Hogger


Harris HRB-918 Reconditioned


Closed Door Horizontal Baler

Closed Door Horizontal Baler

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